Lenora’s Story

May 9, 2021 | IGEN Blog

Brain Tumors can be devastating. From a high functioning person, Lenora became forgetful and confused, resulting in her taking leave from her job and then being retired. Her condition continued to worsen and those close to Lenora, found her to be a different person altogether. She lost her drive to the extent that she sat in one place for days and could not be convinced to get up, resulting in skin break down. By the time she came to the emergency department at Hurley Medical Center, she had suffered numerous falls because of weak legs and confusion. She was suspected of having early dementia. As it turned out, she had a very large brain tumor taking up most of the space in the front of her skull and squeezing the brain. After the medical specialists at Hurley optimized her condition, Dr Khan performed a successful long surgery, where the tumor was meticulously removed. Great care was taken not to injure the brain or the arteries supplying it. Fortunately, the tumor was  found not to be malignant. Then, began the recovery phase for which she was transferred up to the rehab unit. The outcome of her surgery was great. She is back to being the person she was and now instead of her brain, she can focus on her arthritis! Her fiancé found the difference before and after treatment, “like night and day”.

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