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Meet Dr. Khan

Shah-Naz Hayat Khan M.D.,F.R.C.S(C),F.A.A.N.S

Shah-Naz Hayat Khan M.D.,F.R.C.S(C),F.A.A.N.S

Chairperson and Director

One of the very few dually trained endovascular neurosurgeons in USA, Dr Shah-Naz Khan has extensive experience in treating cerebrovascular conditions such as brain aneurysms, strokes, carotid stenosis and arteriovenous malformations, etc.  She also has fellowship certification in neurotrauma. There is no other neurosurgeon in Genesee county who subspecializes in either one, let alone both these subspecialties! This combination of subspecialization, along with bench research in stroke is hard to come by even at the national or international level, making Dr Khan truly unique. She also has a busy general neurosurgical practice, treating a variety of brain and spine conditions and is a sought after consultant.

Dr. Khan is a widely published author of many journal articles and book chapters. She is a reviewer for internationally recognized professional neurosurgery journals. She has made presentations and acted as a moderator at international conferences. She has also instructed as faculty member at neuroendovascular courses. 

Dr. Khan is a Clinical assistant Professor of Surgery at Michigan State University.

Our Services

e treat a wide range of brain conditions.


Operating on the most delicate of brain structures is our expertise! Whether it is a brain aneurysm, brain tumor, stroke or head injury, we treat it with great technical expertise and best technology available.

We treat a wide range of spine conditions


Approximately, eighty percent of back pain does not require surgery. Unnecessary and wrong surgery can lead to lifelong handicaps. “ First, do no harm”. We pride ourselves in following the Hippocratic oath in letter and spirit. When surgery is indicated, we will recommend and perform that which is most suitable for the patient.

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At the forefront of cutting edge neurosurgery, where all neurosurgical conditions be they complex or straightforward, receive individualized treatment.

Each patient’s condition is unique. We will do technologically complex vascular procedures, or ground breaking minimally invasive interventions, as needed.

Sometimes, surgery is not the answer and good results are achieved with nonsurgical techniques.

Dr. Khan Literally Saved My Life

"Dr. Khan literally saved my life by repairing my brain aneurism with a stent through an angiogram. And then when I went to her office for my follow up appointment two weeks later, not only were her office staff very pleasant, but Dr. Khan spent quite a bit of time with me answering every single one of my questions.

I cannot thank her enough for her level of care and expertise in performing my surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Khan to anyone who is facing neurological problems."

Babara Orzell

Dr. Shah-Naz Khan is the Best Neurosurgeon in all of Michigan!

"Dr. Shah-Naz Khan is the best neurosurgeon in all of Michigan!  It is amazing how truly concerned and attentive she is, considering how busy she must be."



Dr. Shah-Nah Khan is Fantastic!

"Dr. Shah-Nah Khan is fantastic.  She’s responsive, aggressive and treats everyone from the ER physician to patient’s family members with respect and compassion.  She took a patient of mine to IR for embolectomy recently, and the family wouldn’t stop talking about how wonderful she was and how they trusted her.

The next day, the ER RN who accompanied the patient during the procedure raved about how Dr. Khan took time to educate her during the procedure, how even keeled she was and on and on.  She is a great addition to the Hurley team."

Dr. Kristin Swor

Dr Khan Saved My Life!

"Dr. Khan took care of me after a brain bleed.  She has been kind, caring and extremely informative every step of the way.  I would highly recommend her to anyone with a neurological issue."

I Believe Her Care is What Kept Me From Having Surgery!

"Dr Khan met me in the hospital after I sustained a nasty fall resulting in a back injury. She was kind and understanding and took time to explain my injury and how we were going to treat it.

I believe her care is what kept me from having surgery. The follow up has been wonderful. The kindness of Ms. Bhavna was so wonderful. She was willing to hep with any issue I had. Thank you so much Dr. Khan and Ms. Bhavna!!"

Mary Keys

I Was Nervous & Scared!

"I was nervous and scared but after a little while I calm down and was able to get through the interview, she explained things very good I was able to understand she seems to be a great doctor and there’s a great receptionist there too."

Connie M Engman

Dr. Khan is Polite, Courteous, Very Straight-Forward & Thorough

"Dr. Khan is polite, courteous, very straight-forward and  thorough.  She strives to ensue you have a working knowledge of all diagnoses and treatments.  I like her professionalism and I would highly recommend her services."

May Hellen Colen

Great Surgeon!


Tom Spaniola

Campbell Family Miracle

Like most miracle families, the Campbells never expected to “need” the services at Hurley Children’s Hospital.


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