Juan’s Story

Sep 11, 2021 | IGEN Blog

Farewell to a Pain in the Neck!

Constant pain can be debilitating. Juan had been experiencing pain atleast once a year, but it would go away. Then unlike before, Juan’s neck pain that travelled down to his arms, persisted for several months without any relief. So, he was referred to Dr Khan who started him on conservative management, to see if the pain would respond to medication, physiotherapy and other nonsurgical interventions. At the same time, tests were performed that revealed  degenerative changes were causing pinched nerves in the neck.  After discussing all management options, Juan decided to continue with conservative management. Later, he changed his mind and requested surgery. Dr Khan agreed as tests showed surgery could help. Furthermore, conservative treatment had been tried without much success.  Juan noticed the difference as soon as he woke up from surgery. He was completely pain free.





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