Jeanette’s Story

Oct 31, 2022 | IGEN Blog

While being investigated for symptoms of stroke, to unexpectedly find out that one has not one but four brain aneurysms, with a couple of them very large, is news no one wants to hear. The knowledge is very stressful, considering the frequently devastating consequences of aneurysm rupture where one may die or have severe disabilities. Jeanette’s story had a happy ending because of timely diagnosis and treatment. Dr Khan treated them by a minimally invasive operation, where Jeanette didn’t even have to be put under general anesthesia. She stayed in hospital overnight, as a precaution. When angiography was performed a few months later, it was as if the aneurysms had never been there! That happened more than 5 years ago.  And as she goes through her life, what she does not have to worry about are brain aneurysms. They are becoming a distant memory.

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